Perdita's Sparkling Star "Odin"



Odin 2 years

Odin is an official stud dog in Germany. BAER +/+, full dention, HD: A/A and lemon free.


Odin has got to litters:

One litter at kennel de los perros Santos 11.02.2011 in Germany. Mother: Jilloc's Perfect Match


One litter at kennel Dalmacademys 23.05.2011 in Netherland. Mother Dalmacademy's Collectors Ithem. http://www.dalmatiers.nl/




July 2010

Odin is now official german junior champion. 

He has also got a German breedinglicense, he only need to get the HD pictures.





June 25th 2010

Odin participated in World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark. He got Excellent, but was not placed in his class.






1 year:


Odin has got 2 junior Cert and need only one more to be a German junior chamion.


Photo: Annemiek Morgans
Dog show in Lingen, April 24th 2010.



10 months:





7 months:




4 months:

4 months old Odin participated in a dog show in Germany. He became the best puppy of 15 puppies. Congratulation to Winnie and Odin.


Some pictures from the dogshow:








Some picture taken by Winnie when Odin was 4 month old:






Winnie and Odin at the beach.



8,5 uke:


Odin has got a new home in Germany. His lovely owner Winnie, Winnies father and a breeder from Germany came to Kari's home to pick up Odin. I'm sure that Odin is in good hands and that he will get a good life in Germany.



Winnie and Odin.



Winnies father and Odin.



The last picture of Odin and his mother before he left to Germany.



A cute German puppy.




6,5 uke:








5,5 uke:










4,5 uke:












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